Jun 17, 2016

Meringue semifreddo with strawberry and thyme sauce

Today was probably this year's hottest day. Well, it is still uncommon for us to see 21 degrees Celsius (70F) at 7 am. Without strong wind and abundant amounts of ice cream, we would surely be dead by now. 

Semifreddo makes one of my family's favorite summer desserts. There are no special preparations, but you will definitely need some patience while waiting for it to freeze. This treat goes well with literally everything and is amazing if you don't have an ice cream machine.

Ingredients for 23cm x 10cm loaf pan :


- 300ml double cream
- 100g crushed meringue
- 1/2 tsp vanilla
- strawberry slices for topping (optional)


- 200g chopped strawberries
- 2 tbsp sugar
- 1 tbsp potato starch
- 1 tbsp water
- 1 tsp fresh thyme (or a pinch of dried one)

1. Line the pan with plastic wrap.

2. Beat the cream until fairly thick. Stir in the crushed meringues and vanilla. 

3. Pour the cream into the lined pan and freeze overnight. 

4. To make the sauce, bring the strawberries with sugar and thyme to the boil. Let it simmer for a while. In a separate dish, dissolve the starch in cold water and then add the mixture to the remaining ingredients. Stir frequently on a medium heat until thickened. Leave to cool completely. 

5. Serve your ice cream in slices, topped with sauce. 


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