Recipe index

Apple, halva and hazelnut buns
Buttery hazelnut granola ( gf )
Cinnamon rolls with rum peaches and maple mascarpone frosting
Fresh strawberries with sheep milk yogurt, granola & buckwheat honey ( gf )
My brother's favourite pancakes
Pineapple, peach and kale morning smoothie ( gf + sf + v )
Raspberry jam muffins with peanut butter crumble
Raspberry rosewater chia pudding
Soft, whole wheat buns
Sweet cream & butter brioche

Chocolate and hazelnut tart with bourbon and honey
Chocolate & plum jam gingerbread cake
Chocolate zucchini cake with mascarpone & goat cheese frosting
Date & rosewater bread
Lemon mascarpone tart with raspberries
Lemon ricotta tart with almonds
Peach and basil galette
Rustic strawberry and mascarpone tart
Nut cake with apricots and lavender
Nutella cake (v + gf)
Whole wheat crumb pear cake

Christina Tosi's oatmeal cookies
Easy classic brownies
Flourless chocolate chip & peanut butter cookies ( gf )
Lemony white chocolate and rhubarb bars
Nutella cookies
Peanut butter&chocolate cookies
Peanut butter&chocolate cookies II ( df / v )
Pumpkin bread chocolate chip cookies with maple syrup
Roasted almond brownies
Ricotta cheesecake brownies
Rosewater madeleines with maple syrup, chocolate & pistachios
White chocolate & caramel oat cookies
Wholewheat chocolate chip cookies
Wholewheat peach & basil oatmeal cookies (sugar-free)
World's best chocolate chip cookies

Almond crumb apricot muffins
Gluten-free raspberry & chocolate muffins ( gf )
Healthy banana & chocolate muffins (v+gf)
Raspberry jam muffins with peanut butter crumble

Fall fruit crumble with blueberries and white chocolate
Ferrero Rocher energy bites (v + gf)
Malted milk ice cream with crushed meringue
Meringue semifreddo with strawberry and thyme sauce ( gf )
Raspberry rosewater chia pudding (v + gf)
Strawberry amaretto crumble pots (v + gf)
Yogurt and mascarpone chocolate ice cream with red currant sauce ( gf )

Oregano & rosemary pumpkin bread (v + gf)
Spinach salad with roasted peaches, goat cheese and pine nuts ( gf )

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