May 25, 2016

Fresh strawberries with sheep milk yogurt, granola & buckwheat honey ( gf )

It may be quite ridiculous to make a recipe for something that simply doesn't need one but it is stronger than me. This bowl full of beautiful mess is my summer comfort food which disappears along with the end of strawberry season in Poland. This makes it really special and absolutely worth an individual post. 

It does perfectly as a breakfast meal but you can honestly eat it anytime (like me), adding some chocolate cookies and sipping lemonade. 

Makes 1 serving:

-150g sheep milk yogurt*
- 8 fresh medium-size strawberries, chopped
- handful of homemade granola (for example from here)
- 2 tbsp unsweetened corn flakes 
- 2 tbsp buckwheat honey

*sheep milk yogurt is my definite favourite because of its creamy consistency and rich flavor. You can freely substitute it with any other but I encourage you to try this one if possible. 

Mix all ingredients in your favourite bowl and eat immediately - you've now created a true taste of polish summer. 


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